It’s time to stock up on sunscreen before summer, but the many different sunscreen claims can make it difficult to decide which one to use. While the purpose of sunscreen is to help protect your skin from UV rays, being selective about ingredients, labels, and compliances will also help support the environment. Unfortunately, there are many unproven claims on sunscreen containers. So, how do you find the right formula for you and your values?

Research Sunscreen Claims

Some sunscreen claims aren’t what they seem, including well-known ones like “reef-safe.” The truth is that there is no standard test to prove a product is entirely safe for marine life and reefs. There’s just not enough research! Still, it is good to avoid oxybenzone and octinoxate, which can damage coral reefs, and stick to a zinc or mineral sunscreen. Another claim to be cautious of is “biodegradable.” A product can be “biodegradable” if 60% breaks down within 28 days. The other 40% of the formula? There’s no standard for that, either.

Find a Brand You Can Trust

You might already know of a brand that uses plant-based ingredients to formulate high-quality hair, body, skin, and sun care products. If you don’t, you can learn a lot about a company when you read about its mission statement and values. These values should be reflected on their product pages, ingredient lists, and verified labels, plus during campaigns. A brand’s transparency is the key to finding a high-quality zinc sunscreen that is right for you and respects the environment.

Choose Mineral Sunscreen

Zinc and titanium dioxide are minerals used for sun protection in Hawaii-compliant sun care products. That means they’re free of those harmful chemicals, oxybenzone and octinoxate, which can damage coral reefs. A zinc and titanium dioxide sunscreen may reach a higher SPF than zinc alone, but they’re both great options. You can find zinc and titanium dioxide in all kinds of excellent sun care products, including sunscreen lotions, sprays, and facial tinted sunscreen. Once you have a brand in mind, finding the right sunscreen for your lifestyle should be easy, whether you spend sunny days at an outdoor mall, a park, or out surfing some ocean waves.

Looking beyond unproven claims on sunscreen labels is the key to finding the right sunscreen for your skin and the environment. Research the claims marketed for sunscreen to dive into their true meanings, and then find a brand you can trust to ensure you avoid unproven claims. Depending on your lifestyle, you may want a daily tinted sunscreen, sunscreen for an active lifestyle, or a different sunscreen suitable for the whole family. Once you’ve found the right sunscreen, you can safely spend more time outdoors, appreciating nature and enjoying some fun in the sun.

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