Many people say you should spend more time in nature with your kids, but sometimes it’s more important to instill a sense of wonder in spending time with nature. This practice can start as early as waking up in the morning, and then you can sprinkle little things throughout the day that will positively impact your little one’s lifestyle. Whether you have a baby or a toddler on your hands, here’s how you can plan the best day with nature for you and your child.

Wake Up with the Sun

You can get your baby on a schedule of waking up with lots of natural light in the home. The sun is important for all aspects of life, indoors and outdoors, and natural light in the home is a beautiful thing for everyone to enjoy, regardless of age. Open the windows and let your little one play in a designated area. Maybe use this time to leave them in their diaper and apply a little fragrance-free baby moisturizer to support their skin.

Do a Nature-Based Sensory Activity

Daily practices like bathing, putting on lotion, observing the outdoors through a window, and eating yummy fruits and veggies are all great activities to help babies connect with nature. You can even turn the bath time routine into a nature-based sensory activity! Get high-quality baby shampoo with plant-based ingredients and work it into a lather in your baby’s bathtub (at a safe and appropriate water level). Let your little one kick their little feet to their heart’s content! If they’re a little older, you can talk to them about the different plants in their baby shampoo.

Bring Your Little One Outside

Of course, one of the best ways to let your baby explore a natural harmony with nature is to bring them outside. Take them for walks, go on picnics, and put them in a baby carrier to get them into the garden. There is a lot to explore. If you’re bringing your baby outside, ensure you have a safe, reliable, mineral-based baby sunscreen that is fragrance-free and full of nourishing ingredients for sensitive skin.

Use EWG Verified™ Baby Products

The EWG Verified™ seal means a product has met the Environmental Working Group’s rigorous testing standards. That includes ingredients, manufacturing practices, and labeling. While you work hard to create a safe space for your little ones and let them experience nature, the EWG works hard to protect you, your baby, and the environment. You can use EWG Verified™ baby wash, baby lotion, and baby sunscreen, so curious little ones witness your dedication to safety and environmental awareness right from the start.

Your baby will love spending time with nature, whether splashing around in a bathtub or playing on a picnic blanket. You can instill a sense of love, wonder, and appreciation for the world through the products you use and the practices you encourage every day. Using products with high-quality, plant-based ingredients may feel like a small step, but it’s a surefire way to garner interest in Mother Nature, and your little one is never too young to start.

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